Offroading – 4-seasons activity

When I got my first (and so far only Jeep – 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Rio Grande) the first thing I thought of was “That’s it. I’m all set now. It’s easy and cheap to fix, there is not a lot of things that can be broken so you have to change the whole vehicle as a result of it, and it’s fun to drive … especially in the summer without top and doors.” But then it hit me – each thing must have a purpose and features specific to that purpose. So here I was with a Jeep (with all its potential) but no purpose. My thinking process took me back to what I love doing the most – camping, exploring, sightseeing, fishing, hunting, etc. “Cool!” though I. “Now I got a purpose so where do I go with it?” Well, not so fast. The vehicle has to be prepped and outfitted to get the most benefit of the targeted activities, so here I started “… if I go out in the wild for a few days I’ll need to have some room for cargo, extra gas, some recovery equipment, big wheels, … am I missing anything?” At that point I figured it was enough to start the process and I’ll adjust it here and there as I progress. To make a long story short, I’m still somewhere in the first quarter of that list (as we all know, our work schedules are not the most cooperative things in this world) but I’m going through it little by little with some hope that one day I’ll be actually done with stuffing it up (although I have my share of doubts) and will be just fixing it as needed. But one thing I did not realize back when I bought it – my Wrangler opened up a whole new category of activities for me and my family that we couldn’t do before. All because of a vehicle that can do this one interesting thing – going waaay off the road

Now here is the most interesting point – it can do it ANY time of the year. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn you can always find something to do. Always! All those I said I love can be done in a Jeep. I personally don’t enjoy running my YJ through a mud pit as much as others for one ­simple reason – I hate cleaning that mud out from every cavity you can possibly imagine that vehicle has. But do the same thing in the snow and it is totally different ballgame – it’s a clean version of mudding.

It would be great to go for a trip in Moab desert or on hit a trail in Colorado (just to mention some). Your imagination is the limit. It just has to be properly prepared and packed.
So those of you that are still on the fence – just go for it. If you have an outdoor personality I promise you will have lots of fun with it and so will your family. Be safe and I hope to meet you on some trail one day 🙂

P.S. – For those that have some materialistic thought about me writing this piece ­ I am in no form or instance associated with Jeep (the Company) other than by the fact that I own one of the vehicles they had produced at some point in past. I am not nor will be paid by any means for publishing this article. This is written and published on my own accord for entertainment purposes only. So take it or leave it. Up to you 🙂

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