About Us


We are new kids on the block, so I an introduction is in order.

We are happy parents of two great and very active children. To “aggravate” the situation we are passionate about outdoor activities that by some might be considered as extreme to some extend. Not just backyard outdoor. The woods type of outdoor. Our main transportation for those adventures has been our faithful 1995 Jeep Wrangler which has proven many times to be a very versatile and reliable way to move around in those conditions. I have always been handy and fixing cars is one of my great hobbies so keeping it in tact was rather fun. I am one of those guys that can go to a garage to get a spare chair and end spending hours modifying, fixing, or just checking my Jeep (there is always something to toy with there). But where was I going with it? Oh yes!

That was all before we had our kids. After our family started growing, it obviously rearranged our priorities – more family time, less Jeep time for me, and practically nothing was left of our normal outdoor adventures.

So, here is a million dollar question – why can’t it be both? As much as we love our Jeep, we want our family to be a part of this culture that we’ve been a part of for all these years . We want our kids to have this adventurer’s spirit which can let them see in real life things that other people can see only on TV. Things that will blow your mind. We just have to get there. We are looking forward to our Wrangler family season. How about you?

Are yo­­u a Jeep family – have one or planning to buy one?

Share your stories, photos and videos. I will be happy to share your Jeep stories with my readers. If you would like me to get back to you about your stories, videos or photos, leave your contact info here in the comments or email me at ja@jeepalmighty.com or send me a message through Facebook and let’s be friends

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